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Workouts That Can Improve Your Parkour Technique

Workouts That Can Improve Your Parkour Technique
February 6, 2019 developer

Parkour is a demanding sport, and it requires a high level of athleticism. Free running is all about speed, power, endurance, and balance, and you need to maintain it throughout the run. As you get fitter, you can add more tricks and techniques to your arsenal, which will allow you to take on more challenging courses. The fun of parkour is being able to soar freely through the cityscape, but to be able to truly achieve that, you need to build yourself up to it.

Listed below is a list of conditioning workouts that you need to include in your routine to be able to do parkour at the highest level:

Interval training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will give you the endurance and explosiveness you need to perform difficult parkour moves. Parkour is all about maintaining a series of short and powerful movements, such as sprinting, pushing, and pulling. HIIT will accustom your body to these types of motions, making it more prepared for when you’re out on the course.

HIIT workouts are comprised of successive explosive movements followed by a short period of rest – rinse and repeat. When you do HIIT regularly, your body will become stronger and your recovery time and stamina will improve. Both of these things are crucial elements for any parkour runner.



When you’re gliding through the city, you will have to do a lot of climbing and pushing yourself up a ledge with one motion. You need to do some climbing practice to acclimate your body to the climbing sequences. Rock climbing, push-ups, and a variety of pull-ups are the best ways to improve your upper body strength, which will help you to get up on those high ledges with ease.


Body weight and free weight workouts

You will need to up your overall strength so that you can perform more difficult maneuvers that will that allow you to take new routes and cut down your time. Body weight training and free weights are the best ways to do this, as parkour is a full-body workout. You will need to incorporate multi-joint workouts into your weight training so that your body can handle its own weight more effectively. This will improve both your balance and body control, which can help you to pull off the more advanced moves as well.



Plyometric workouts are designed to increase your speed, explosiveness, and vertical leap height. These include workouts such as box jumping, weight throwing, and squad jumping. These workouts help to add a few inches of vertical and horizontal leaps, which will allow you to grab onto higher ledges. You will be able to jump over wider gaps as well. This type of training also helps to speed up your injury recovery process, allowing you to get back on the course sooner after an injury.



Kettlebells are highly versatile, and there are several types of workouts you can use a kettlebell for. Some of the best kettlebell workouts for parkour runners are kettlebell swings and shoulder presses. You can include kettlebells in a plyometric workout routine to make it a more well-rounded exercise as well.


Gauntlet workouts

Parkour can be a long-winded set of explosive motions, which means that gauntlet workouts are perfect for parkour conditioning. You can combine all of the mentioned workouts together and create a gauntlet set. This type of workout is super draining, but it will help to improve your coordination and recovery time significantly.

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