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Why You Should Practice Parkour

Why You Should Practice Parkour
December 16, 2018 developer

Parkour is a training discipline that started from military obstacle courses. The whole idea is to be able to get from one point to another, but the catch is that you have to go through a complex environment with obstacles or barriers. You also have to get through in the fastest, most efficient way possible. This practice can be the ultimate workout. Here’s why you should check it out:

The Perfect Workout

Practicing parkour means walking, running, and sprinting in bursts with some crawling, rolling, climbing, rolling, jumping, and balancing the entire way through. This type of circuit training is great for fitness and stamina. You’re using strength; you’re using flexibility and cardio. It truly is a full-body workout, making it great for overall fitness. You are also preparing your body for real-world situations.

Feel Confident in Your Physical Abilities

You’ll be training to climb walls, jump higher, further, while also pushing those muscles to grow and become stronger than ever, giving you more confidence in your movements. After a few months of training, you will be able to do things you never thought you could.  

In time, you’ll learn how to control your body in a very precise manner which will, in turn, improve your confidence. If you ever feel self-conscious about an obstacle that you know you have to face, you can think back at the actual, physical obstacle that you were able to get past for a quick confidence boost. That is a considerable feat!

Think Faster and More Creatively

It’s all about the obstacles because, without them, parkour would not be what it is. Being able to pass obstructions just using your body starts to grow on you after a while, and barriers will start looking like a challenge rather than just an obstacle. When your path is challenged, you will feel a sense of self-fulfillment and confidence that you can get through it.

Your mind will start to think of the fastest, most convenient way to get around the obstacle. The goal of parkour is to use your creativity to find the most efficient way to get past a barrier. Free runners, like people who do parkour, also deconstruct a path in the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient way possible in order to get past. Every time you see a blocked path, you will be flexing your creativity.


Have Lots of Fun and Feel Like a Ninja

Using your strength and energy in efficient ways can be quite fun. You can feel like you’re playing a game like a ninja running through blockades. Parkour will help you tap into your primal nature. You don’t have to hold back! This will make you feel like a kid again. Parkour can be extremely addictive, thanks to the endorphins and the adrenaline rush.

It’s just so fulfilling to run and sprint like there’s no tomorrow!  You will get in fantastic shape after doing this for a while, and you will meet a fantastic group of like-minded individuals. Those who practice parkour have become a fun and loving community of people who love to socialize and engage in activities together as a group.

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