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Why Parkour Deserves to Be Recognized As a Sport

Why Parkour Deserves to Be Recognized As a Sport
February 13, 2019 developer

Parkour is a discipline that involves various physical movements, including running, leaping, and climbing to get from one place to another while getting past all the obstacles as swiftly as possible. If you haven’t heard of parkour before, then maybe it’s time that you learn what it is. Parkour was once known as a risky activity reserved for young thrill seekers. However, it is now being officially recognized as a sport in the UK. This suggests that there is a potential that parkour will receive the same treatment and benefits as other sports do. For example, there is a possibility that parkour will be included in school curricula and students will be able to take classes and learn how to practice it.

The recognition of parkour as a sport in Britain is a huge milestone for the discipline. It means that more and more people are being exposed to parkour and that it is finally gaining the attention that it deserves. This article will tell you why exactly why parkour deserves to be recognized worldwide!


Why does parkour deserve the recognition?

Traceurs, or parkour practitioners, can be anyone, ranging from school-age children to people with certain disabilities. This makes parkour one of the most inclusive sports there is. Moreover, research has shown that parkour can provide a range of health benefits – both mentally and physically. Other than that, the practice of parkour facilitates a sense of community among practitioners. You’re not competing with other people when you’re doing parkour. Rather, you’re constantly pushing yourself to be better and stronger each time that you’re on the terrain.

There Are Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Parkour provides physical as well as mental health benefits. It serves as a full-body workout that forces you to use all of your body parts, promoting muscle strength, better coordination, and flexibility, among others. Moreover, parkour helps boost your self-confidence every time you overcome an obstacle. This means that people who suffer from low self-esteem can benefit greatly from parkour. Parkour is also an effective way to reduce stress. It’s common knowledge that exercising helps with stress, and because parkour is one of the best forms of exercise, you can be sure that your head will be cleared when you’re practicing your jumps.


It’s a Chance to Clear Up the Misconception

One of the most common misconceptions that people have toward parkour is that it is risky and dangerous. However, the fact is that every kind of sport comes with its own risks. Even sports that are regarded as “safe,” such as hill-walking or cycling, have all caused a significant number of accidents and even deaths. Your safety is important, but there is no reason that you should hold yourself back from partaking in parkour just because you believe it’s dangerous. Remember – the primary goal of parkour is to take risks and overcome your fears.

Parkour Promotes Connection

Parkour helps to reconnect people with the city. The urban space that everyone shares to practice parkour signifies the sense of unity and harmony. Although parkour is not a team sport, the support and respect that practitioners have for each other are what makes parkour so special. Parkour also encourages people to learn from each other to further improve themselves.



Considering all the great things that parkour can offer, it’s no wonder why people are becoming more and more interested in the sport. Parkour being recognized as a sport in the UK is only one thing that indicates how popular it really is. In the future, parkour has the potential to become so much more – maybe even being included in the Olympics!

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