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Tips on How to Practice Parkour at Your Local Park

Tips on How to Practice Parkour at Your Local Park
January 24, 2019 developer

Parkour can be an incredibly exhilarating sport, as you get to soar through the cityscape with absolute freedom. At the same time, however, parkour can be very dangerous, as a single fall at a wrong angle can be enough to put you in a hospital for months. If you want to make sure that you get the most enjoyable parkour experience of your life, you have to practice a lot, and the best place to do that is at a parkour park. We’ll talk about how to use your local parkour park as a training ground so that you’re capable of going out on a parkour run in the city.

Icebreakers are your friends

A lot of people feel rather awkward walking into the park, not knowing anybody, and trying to navigate your way through all the tools and equipment available for you to use. Therefore, the first thing you should do is break the ice with regulars at that park. This usually isn’t too difficult, as you already have something in common with the people there: the love for extreme sports. People at the park may be practicing BMX or skateboarding, and those are great topics to use to spark a conversation.

Work on the basics

The best things to work on when you’re at these parks are the basic techniques. It’s also a great idea to do some conditioning work. Before you start running, you need to make sure your body is in the condition to handle all the stress and physical demands of jumping, pushing, and pulling. Without proper preparation and good technique, you could lose your grip and fall, given that you’re able to go out there and start running without getting gassed within the first two minutes. The first thing that you should do when you arrive at the park is to do some warm-up routines. Do some light dynamic stretchings such as knee kicks, butt kicks, light jogging, and some hops. These exercises will get your blood pumping and help to loosen your joints. Once you’re done with that, you can do some conditioning such as balance work, core muscle exercises, verticle leaps, and stamina. These exercises will help to prepare your body for the straining nature of the sport, and they will reduce the likelihood of getting injured.

You can also work on your basic techniques such as landing, rolling, jumping, and pulling. These techniques will help you to become a better free runner and make it possible for you to tackle more challenging courses. And much like the conditioning work, having proper technique can both help to improve your performance and prevent injuries. You can learn more about what type of workout you should do by checking the popular parkour blogs on the internet, as well as watching videos on YouTube. You should make sure you cross reference the facts you get from these sources to ensure that they are accurate and trustworthy.

You’re going to get hurt, but you must keep going

Learning to do parkour is like riding a bike; you’re going to trip and fall, and it’s going to hurt from time to time. That’s just a fact of life, and there’s not much you can do to avoid it but to get better. As your skills progress, your footing will be more secure, and you will be able to move in such a way that you weren’t able to before. You have to keep that in mind every time you fall, as you shouldn’t let your failures keep you down. Instead, you should use it as motivation to move forward. The pain and the wounds will go away, but you will still have to keep moving forward, and that’s what you need to remember.

Have fun!

Much like any other type of sport, the goal is to have fun with what you’re doing. You can make a little game out of it, as if you were a little kid running around the house, pretending the floor is lava. If you take parkour too seriously, you will start to get frustrated and anxious about not seeing improvement, which should never be how you approach it. Parkour should be fun and liberating, as it’s about letting your body and mind roam free. The more you work on the basics, the more you’re able to relieve yourself of the physical limitations that prevent you from enjoying more of the sport. In short, just remember to enjoy what you’re doing and don’t stress too much about it.

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