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New Logo, New Gear, New Everything

New Logo, New Gear, New Everything
September 1, 2016 relentlessgear

Relentless Gear was established in 2013 by two friends who live by the code that they will not and cannot be stopped from achieving their goals regardless of the challenges that life presents.

Since its inception, Relentless Gear has been met with with its fair share of obstacles.  From an initial logo design that no one was passionate about…

Relentless Gear Initial Logo Design

…to clothing decorators that moved slowly, backordered products, products that didn’t meet our expectations, being sidetracked by life, etc.  However, we have not let any of these hurdles stop us from achieving our goal of creating a fashion brand that represents our way of life.  After almost 3 years we have given the brand a completely fresh look with a new solid identity that we feel represents the brand’s ideology.

Drawings for New Relentless Gear Brand

Relentless Gear

While most of our initial line of products is fitness apparel, the Relentless lifestyle is more than just a commitment to fitness.  It’s a commitment to achieving your goals, whatever they may be, no matter what stands in your way.

Are you Relentless?