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Learning How to Flow in Parkour

Learning How to Flow in Parkour
December 27, 2018 developer
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Parkour is the non-competitive physical discipline of training to move freely over and through any terrain using only the abilities of the body through climbing, jumping, running, and quadrupedal movement. It helps you move freely through your surroundings. An important capability that is used in parkour is flow. It is not only crucial in parkour but can make you stronger and help you move faster. The use of flow has been seen in dance forms like tango and ballet, and it never ceases to amaze people to this day. Flow comes from the smoothness of your movement, which means your ability to move without falling, staggering, tripping, and toppling. This article will guide you to flow better and excel in your parkour training.


How do you learn how to flow?

Many people think that flow can be achieved through training and rehearsal. While it is true that training and continuous practice play a significant role in the learning process, what matters the most is creativity and play. These are the two things that can teach you what flow is all about. The following are a few guidelines that can help you achieve flow:


// Don’t try too hard

Success can indeed be achieved through hard work. When it comes to parkour moves, however, trying too hard can ruin the elegance and beauty. How you ask? Well, while mastering singular moves like kongs, vaults, cat-leaps, and precisions can help you pull them off at once. Linking them together to form a parkour run, however, is another story. Trying too hard can cause the flow and movement can get ruined or jittery.


// Don’t ever train

This might sound rather counterintuitive, but we stand by it. You shouldn’t train for the sake of training. The best way to achieve perfection is to enjoy what you are doing. We often set high standards for ourselves, and when we fail to reach them, we get distracted from the real lessons that we might have learned. Avoid this. Instead, go to a training with an open mind and without expectations. Even though it might sound philosophical, it is the best thing you can do for yourself to get fluid movements. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t learn to flow in a day. Your frustration may very well be causing you to lose sight of something else that you learned to help you in parkour – better landing, for instance.


// Do pay attention to your feet and the course

Two of the most important things to achieve fluidity in the moves are being aware of the surrounding obstacles and the foot placement. You need to know where to position your feet before, during, and after your move so that you can smoothly move from one obstacle to another. The next thing to keep in mind is to look at the obstacle that lies ahead and not focus on the one that you are leaving behind. Being in the right place at the right pace will help you overcome obstacles easily without losing orientation. Parkour moves have been developed over time as movements that allow us to pass an obstacle from the current position without disrupting the flow of the movement. Therefore, always perform two or three movements in a row. This will help you get into the habit of putting together moves and being aware of the foot placement.

The correct foot placement will strengthen your confidence in movement and thus increase your creativity and fluency. If you are able to master these two concepts, you will be able to move without any disruption to your speed.


// Don’t follow rules

Standard rules don’t apply in parkour because everyone is different and so everyone will have a different take on an obstacle or the way in which they pass over it. There will always be more than one way of doing things. The goal is to adopt the smoothest way to overcome an obstacle. Always remember that parkour is defined by the continuous spontaneous movement and not the individual moves. Don’t be afraid of doing something in a different way. And of course, never stop trying!

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