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How to Perfect Your Handstand With Parkour

How to Perfect Your Handstand With Parkour
January 10, 2019 developer

Everyone has tried to learn to do a handstand at least once in their life. Chances are you first saw someone standing on their hands with ease years ago and wanted to give it a try. Maybe you could even do it as a kid but can no longer keep your balance. People who practice parkour find the need to handstand often.

Whether you want to tick off that New Year’s resolution of perfecting your handstand or you just want to become stronger and able to carry your own body weight, there is no right or wrong way to improving your ability to do a handstand. The process of learning this skill is pretty straightforward but may require some coordination and strength. Here are some ways you can get to standing on your hands:

Start Practicing
Start by doing handstands against walls to get your body and arms used to holding your bodyweight upside down. This will help increase your balance and may also exercise your strength.  After a while, try to push away from the wall and remain in a handstand. It may take a couple of tries, but you will need to be patient because it takes practice.

Practice Exercises
The most important part of perfecting the handstand is being able to lift your own body weight. Try to train your muscle memory to practice the lifting motion. After a while, you will know on your own how much force needs to be used. Doing pushups is a great way to strengthen your elbow joints to become more resistant to the tension being put on them. Besides pushups, dips and pull-ups are also a great way to build your arm strength to get used to your body weight. Dips will strengthen your arms, back, and chest whereas pull-ups will strengthen your back while also improving your balance. When you start off doing these exercises, your back and arms will probably get fatigued pretty quickly because you don’t use these as much. Practicing handstands will allow you to use those parts of your body. This is why handstands can be great at improving your posture. It will increase your endurance while standing or sitting up straighter.

Walking on Your Hands
This will take a lot of trial and error, but it is really fun once you get to do it. You will need great balance and strength to master this trick, but practice makes perfect. Start by practicing against a wall and walking yourself back and forth. Get your body used to it. You could even have a friend help hold you up while you walk around once you get better. After a while, you will be able to do it on your own.

Keep Breathing!
Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget to breathe! Your body needs to be well-oxygenated for these types of exercises. The correct way to breathe for these types of exercises is by inhaling a large breathe while close to the ground and exhaling as you push yourself up. Do not stop breathing no matter how tense you get, as it will actually help you stay focused longer

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