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How to Learn Parkour Moves Without Help

How to Learn Parkour Moves Without Help
December 19, 2018 developer

Parkour is a fun sport that is well-loved by many people around the world. Although there are probably people in your country who do parkour, sometimes it can be difficult to find someone to teach you. Don’t let this limit you, you can learn parkour on your own! That being said, there are a few things that you’ll need to know first. Most of them are trivial. However, it never hurts to go over the basics once before we get to the good stuff.


Warm up

Even though seasoned professionals can make parkour seem effortless, it takes quite a bit of physical exertion. You need to warm up properly in order to avoid injury. Learning how to do a few basic stretches can help a lot. Things like yoga postures that are tuned for climbers will tone your muscles. You will be using these in parkour a lot.


Safety comes first

When you are running and jumping in an urban setting, accidents can happen if you aren’t careful. In many situations, you will be moving on unforgiving surfaces that can give you bruises, cuts, and road rash – and we haven’t even gotten started on the internal injuries! You need to be aware of your surroundings when you’re running. When you are practicing, make sure that the area is well-lit and you are aware of what is going on around you. It would help if you could take a crash course in preventing athletic injuries.


Take it easy

When you’re starting out, it is better to go along with your abilities and not fight them. That does not mean that you should not try new things, but it does mean that you should take time to learn new skills. Challenging your abilities is something that is always desirable, but the challenge should be a reasonable one.


Look before you leap

Being aware of your surroundings not only keeps you safe, but it also keeps you out of trouble. When you are running and jumping, make sure that you do not trespass onto anyone’s private property. One can often lose a sense of where they are when they are on the hunt for some new terrain and accidentally end up on someone else’s property. It is advised to stay away from such areas. Public areas are the best as long as you do not bother anyone else in the area.

Now that you know what to keep in mind as you train, let’s move on to how you can learn actual parkour!



The jump is the most fundamental move in parkour. Later, as you learn more, you can combine jumps with other moves. Before you move to the more advanced moves, however, it’s important that you first to learn to jump and land properly. Jumping is used to go up or down terrain. When you are jumping, it is advisable to do so onto a higher surface, such as a step or a curb.

Before you start jumping, stand on level ground. Now, jump with two feet – go straight up and land with both the feet at the same time. Next, try jumping with one foot taking the lead. Switch up your sides and see whether you are comfortable with using your right or left foot to lead. As you become more comfortable with simple jumps, you can start practicing on different terrain. You can jump on higher surfaces to practice more. Jumps are commonly used to get over obstacles. It’s a good idea to look for a freestanding elevated surface over which you can jump. Like before, when you jump, practice with both feet first.

Try out different obstacles that vary in width and elevation. After you’ve mastered the basic jumps, you can start combining jumping moves. You can get over something and then onto the freestanding elevated surface. As you practice more, you can do more sophisticated jumps. A jump may not seem like a massive stunt, but it is the most critical move in parkour. If you can perfect your jumps, nothing is stopping you from learning more advanced moves!



Rolls serve two purposes. Firstly, they complement jumps by helping you land without getting hurt. This is because they absorb the shocks. When you know how you roll, you can easily bail out of a move with it if you need to. Second, it can help you get from point A to B. To learn to roll, start with a soft surface, like a grassy field or on a mat. Rather than starting with a straight roll like you would in gymnastics and other similar sports, try a parkour roll by doing it diagonally. Let your shoulder hit the ground first. Put your opposite hand on the ground and round yourself by pulling the knees inwards to your chest. Roll diagonally from your shoulder to your opposite hip. Once you come out of the roll, put a foot on the ground to catch yourself.


Show Off

After you’ve mastered your roll, you can start combining moves. Jump and then follow it up with a roll. Don’t go into those crazy moves right away, though. Start by practicing on a soft surface where the ground is level. After you’ve mastered that, you can give elevated surfaces a try!

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