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  • Closeup photo of young man's legs in sneackers and arm while keeping kettlebell against dark background. Crossfit workout. Detail of crossfit man. Healthy lifestyle.

    10 Reasons To Try CrossFit

    There are over ten thousand CrossFit gyms – or as the enthusiast would call it, “boxes” – around the world.…

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  • Woman Lifting Weight in Relentless Gear Fitness Apparel

    Strengthen Yourself Through Vulnerability

    I was watching a Tedx Talks given by Brenee Brown on vulnerability. She calls herself a researcher and storyteller who…

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  • Relentless Gear Tank Top on Woman Working Out

    Everything Is Temporary

    I’ve always been an athlete. I played tennis, volleyball, basketball and ran track in high school. I became a runner…

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  • Live A Life of Authenticity

    Authenticity Is Not Perfection

    I am a perfectionist. One of those Type A people. Maybe you are too? The pressure we put on ourselves…

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  • 10 Things Successful People Do in the Morning

    10 Things Successful People Do In The Morning

    How do successful people do things differently? What behaviors set them apart from the rest of the crowd?

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  • New Logo, New Gear, New Everything

    Relentless Gear was established in 2013 by two entrepreneurs who live by the code that they will not and cannot be stopped from achieving their goals regardless of the challenges that life presents.

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  • Relentless Gear Crossfit Athlete Doing One Arm Handstand

    What is Relentless Gear?

    Relentless Gear is apparel for those of us that get up every day and work towards our goals, even when…

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