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10 Things Successful People Do In The Morning

10 Things Successful People Do In The Morning
September 21, 2016 relentlessgear

Do successful people have different habits and ways of living than people who are unsuccessful?

What behaviors and practices set them apart?  We asked several successful entrepreneurs and here are the things they had to say about how they start each day:

10 Things Successful People Do In The Morning

  1. Wake Up Early and Get Shit Done

    Wake up really, really early. I’m talking about 5 AM. This is the time where you are fresh and can accomplish tasks that might not otherwise fit into your day. The best feeling in the world is heading to work knowing you’ve already made a dent in chores, food prep, work tasks, or anything else that may bog down your day. A head start creates a tail wind momentum.

  2. Exercise

    Get it out of the way. Exercising early not only wakes up your body, but your brain too. It’ll give you energy to get you through the rest of your day. Get in the habit of a daily exercise routine– whether it’s hitting the pool for laps before sunrise, a morning run, or a yoga class. You can go at it hard– I mean weights and full cardio. It also doesn’t have to be a full on, deep dig workout. It could be a 10 minute jog. However, accomplishing a workout before your work day makes you feel like you’re ahead of the game. Plus if you get fatigued in the evenings, you’ve already crushed your workout.

  3. Make Time for Your Hobby

    Put yourself in a good mood. Devote time to a passion interest– whatever that is for you. Maybe you like to paint, garden, write fiction, build birdhouses. As long as it nurtures your soul. Do it.

  4. Time with Loved Ones

    My family and spouse are number one. Show them your gratitude. Set aside alone time for them and pay attention to their thoughts, ideas, and dreams. I’m a touchy, feely kinda person– that’s how I show my love. But above all, listening, words of affirmation or encouraging their goals and dreams are irreplaceable.

  5. Meditate, Prayer, Inspirational Reading, Embrace Silence, Be Still

    For me, 15 minutes of meditation centers me as I begin my day. If you don’t know how to meditate, it’s not hard to learn. There’s even an app called HeadSpace which walks you through it. You can also pray and give thanks for your blessings. Keep an inspirational book with a reading for each day at your bedside. Even being still and embracing silence, if you can find some, will get you in the right mindset.

  6. Network Over Breakfast or Coffee

    I love to call up people I haven’t seen for a while and meet them for breakfast or coffee. Short meetings to catch up or talk about their latest business ventures keeps you in the know. It also lets those people know you genuinely care about them. Breakfast meetings are a perfect way to communicate if you’re looking for a job, a project, a new employee, or a reliable electrician.

  7. Journal

    I prefer to hand write when I journal instead of type. I believe this is the rawest way to release how we truly feel without editing. Just let it flow. Journaling might be a way to just let out your problems, your stress. Writing can also be a way to redirect your thoughts in a positive manner. List what’s going right in your life and strategize about future goals. Putting it all down on paper is cathartic and healing.

  8. Plan, Strategize, Visualize and Reflect

    A little bit of planning can make your day calmer, more seamless. I’ve always believed if you can visualize something you want, you can make it happen. You’ve probably also heard people say ‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’ Perhaps you have a meeting with your boss. Visualize how the meeting will go successfully. Mental preparation and reflecting before you act are key to follow through.

  9. Get the Hardest Task of the Day Completed First

    The longer you let a difficult or challenging task hang over your head, the heavier it seems. Tackle those tasks before you start your day. It’ll take a load off your shoulders if you can check that off the list and move on to less challenging work.

  10. Fuel Up!

    Don’t fire up your engine on empty. I don’t need to tell you how to eat healthy. Make sure you’re hydrated and eat some protein if possible. All these other tasks are going to be easier if you have calories to power your body and brain.

So follow these tips and don’t forget to wear your Relentless Gear!

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