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10 Reasons To Try CrossFit

10 Reasons To Try CrossFit
December 7, 2018 relentlessgear
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There are over ten thousand CrossFit gyms – or as the enthusiast would call it, “boxes” – around the world.

Although it can be intimidating to see those insanely fit people grunting their way through intense workouts combining cardio, weightlifting, and functional movement, CrossFit is actually an amazing way for anyone to exercise.

Let’s take a look at ten reasons why you should give CrossFit a try.

1. It’ll help you learn proper form

A lot of people avoid the weights section in the gym because they’re afraid of lifting weights the wrong way and getting themselves injured. If you’re one of those people who just aren’t so sure what to do with the weights, try a CrossFit class! Beginners are usually required to be taken through a course where they’ll learn basic CrossFit terms, how to use the equipment, and lifting form.

2. It’s exciting

CrossFit is rarely boring. Workouts are a mix of high-intensity movements ranging from running and rowing to kettlebell swinging and Olympic lifting movements. You’ll even get to learn gymnastic movements like handstands and ring dips! With a coach taking you through the entire workout, you’ll have constant support.

3. It’s all about metrics (but not about the scale!)

There are plenty of metrics involved in CrossFit. Unlike bodybuilding, however, they rarely include your weight on the scale. Instead, you’ll track things like PRs (personal records). This will allow you to see how your strength and endurance improve as time passes.

4. It’ll help you build a great figure

Even though the emphasis isn’t on the scale, CrossFit works every part of your body. Your legs and glutes will gain some muscle and your body will tighten up. The increase in muscle means that you’ll be burning more fat during the day. That means you can eat more guilt-free. If you do regulate your diet properly, however, the metabolism boost means that you’ll be shedding the fat to reveal your hard work!

5. It can be modified for anyone

A normal CrossFit class is filled with quite a variety of people. No matter how old you are or how much experience you have, the workout can be modified to fit your level. It’s going to be hard, but you’ll be able to do it. Scaling the weight is encouraged!

6. It’ll help you make friends

Just moved to a new neighborhood? Join the local box and you’ll make friends in no time. There’s just something about making your way through a tough workout together that forms a community. Experienced athletes often go out of their way to help out the new ones and there are always plenty of events going on that you can join in on. There will certainly be a special bond that you share with these people.

7. It’s a time-efficient way to work out

Lifting weights bodybuilding-style often means that you have to spend quite some time in the gym each day. What if you’ve only got an hour to fit a workout in before rushing out to work? Complete an entire CrossFit workout, of course! The majority of Crossfit WODs combine cardio and weight training. This makes it an incredibly effective workout and you’ll feel thoroughly exhausted even though the time passes quickly.

8. It’ll help you build confidence

A lot of people have bad memories associated with exercise and group sports, especially if they were the last person picked for gym classes or constantly messed up in school athletic events. CrossFit will help you build your confidence in a supportive environment. Great coaches encourage you as you grow, helping you build up your strength and self-worth at the same time.

9. It doesn’t cost as much as personal training

CrossFit is almost certainly going to cost you more than a standard gym membership. However, it’s a lot more cost-effective compared to sessions with a personal trainer. You’ll still get attention from experienced coaches and you’ll still be pushed to reach your goals. So why not get the benefits of personal training AND group class at a lighter price?

10. It’ll cross over into your daily life

The movements you’ll learn in CrossFit are incredibly functional. As you get stronger, you’ll find that activities, like carrying heavy groceries up the stairs or sprinting to make it to work, are a lot easier. You aren’t just training to build those awesome muscles – you’re training for daily life!

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